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Fire Sleeving (Firesleeve)

Firesleeve - Silicone Coated Fibreglass Sleeve
Knitted high bulk glass fibre sleeve can withstand repeated exposures to molten steel molten aluminum and molten glass up to 3000F (1650C).
The heavy coating of our proprietary iron oxide red silicone rubber compound sheds molten metal splash immediately so very little heat transfer occurs.
When exposed to flame the silicone rubber transforms into a crust creating a protective SiO2 refractory layer.
This product also possesses following features:
1)Impede heat radiation of flame
2) Protect operator from burning by hot pipe
3) Impede heat lost and favor to saving energy
4) Moisture-proof, water-proof, resistance to oil and pollution
5) Color: red and blue mainly.


Velcro Firesleeve (Firesleeve VCO)

Firesleeve VCO are easy and flexible for installation on the hoses, pipes, wires and cables, especially the non-detatchable ones. There is no need to disassemble the hoses or cables when installing them.
Manufactured with high grade Fiberglass, silicone rubber coating and velcro closure, it is a good choice to protect hoses, pipes, wires and cables from hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils, fuels, etc., protecting employees from burns and allows bundling of wires, hoses, and cables, such as EAF cable cover. The thick formulation of silicone rubber sheds molten splash, slag, welding splatter, electrical or grinding sparks and contamination. It also provides protection from ozone, UV,abrasion.
1)Withstands continuous exposure to 260℃ (500℉)
2)Up to 1090℃ (2000℉) for 15~20 minutes
3)Up to 1650℃ (3000℉) for 15~30 seconds
4)Size: 3/8" (10mm) ~ 12" (305mm)


Fiberglass Sleeving (Fiberglass Braided Sleeve)
Fiberglass Sleeving is an economic thermal protection and insulation solution for less demanding situations. Made of high-quality fiberglass yarns, this thin-wall sleeve is lightweight, flexible and durable, exhibiting excellent dielectric strength and low thermal conductivity. Braided Glass Fiber Sleeving is a completely asbestos-free and non-hazardous insulation sleeve. This fiberglass sleeve will not burn and resists most acids, alkalis, bleaches and solvents in a wide range of applications including protecting industrial hoses, pipes, and cables. The expandable braided construction allows the sleeve to fit the irregular hoses and fittings. Fiberglass Braided Sleeve can also be coated with binders or other coatings to minimize fray and increase abrasion resistance.
1)Working Temperature: 1020F (550C)
2) Size Range: 15mm (5/8″) 100mm (4″)
3) Color: White
4) Roll Length: 50m/roll



Heat Treated Glass Sleeving

Heat Treated and Saturated Fiberglass Sleeving
Hardly inflameable and heat resistant,Good abrasive quality
Excellent flexibility ,Good resistant against oil and chemicals
Thermal Class: 240 ℃       NEMA: TF-2
Recomended Use:
HTG-850 is used in high temperature, low voltage applications such as shunts in carbon brushes, toasters, coffeemakers and other small heating appliances. Its flexibility and expandability makes HTG-850 highly useful over irregular shapes such as coil insulation on rotating equipment. HTG-850 is also used for thermal and cut-through protection in automotive wire harness assemblies as well as track, stage and other types of lighting devices.
Physical Properties:
HTG-850 exhibits high tensile strength, is non-flammable, heat resistant, and non-corrosive to metals. HTG-850 has excellent resistance to moisture, fungus and chemical attack.
Colors:HTG-850 is available in dark brown, black, tan, red and yellow

Acrylic Fiberglass Sleeving

1) Resistant temperature: 155C
2) High breakdown voltage: 7,000V; middle breakdown voltage: 4,000V;
low breakdown voltage: 2,500V
1) Acrylic fiberglass sleeving is woven with non-alkali fiberglass yarn, and then
coated with acrylic acid
2) It can be used for the insulating protection of motor, electrical and electronic equipment


Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Sleeving

  • With good quality of high temperature resistance and cold resistance
  • Treated by thermal process and vulcanization
  • Material: non-alkali fiberglass braided silicone rubber
  • Can be used as wiring insulator for "H" grade electrical machinery, special bulbs, electrical rich cookers as well as other household appliance and their protection device
  • Characteristics:
    • Standard color: white, red, blue, black and yellow
    • Standard packing: 100 meters/roll
    • Standard voltage: 4 and 7KV


Spiralguard Hose (PP Spiral Guard)
Product Material: PP (Polypropylene)
Temperature: -50
 to 120
Product Color: Blue, red, yellow, black, etc. Accept color customization
It widely used in the mines fields to protect the hydraulic hose and the wire away from the resistance damage.
1.Water pipe protective cover for car washer
2.High-pressure rubber tube protective sleeve
3.Hydraulic tubing protective sleeve
4.Protective sleeve for high-pressure water pipe of washing machine
5.Wear-resistant spiral protective sleeve
6.rough terrain forklift, rubber tire gantry cranes, carry deck cranes, rough terrain cranes, special attachment in the port transport industry.
Size:  ID8--200MM, OD8-250MM, Wall Centre Thickness 1.1-5mm, Pitch Width 7-50mm , Length 2-50 m/pc



Silicone Fibreglass Blanket (32oz , 96oz)
 is a high temperature resistant fabric designed to shed weld spatter and resist radiant heat and flame. It is constructed from a fiberglass base cloth and coated both sides with a specially compounded iron oxide red silicone rubber.
 1) High temperature resistance, low temperature, good insulation (-70 ℃ -260 ℃).
 2) Resistant to chemical corrosion, anti-oil-water (can be scrubbed).
 3) Characteristic: greaseproof, waterproof, for large-scale protection
 4) Breaking strengthn: 1500---3800 /50mm ;  Bursting trength: 2.0---2.2 Mpa ; Combustible: ≤25%
 5) Width: 36" (915mm) & 60" (1525mm) ; Thickness:0.13mm--2.00mm

Silicone Fibreglass Tape 
is a knitted high bulk glass fiber tape, heavily coated with our proprietary compound of iron oxide red silicone rubber. The specially designed compound sheds molten metal splash immediately, so very little heat transfer occurs. Widely used in Metallurgy, Chemical industry, Aviation. Hose,oil tube,Cable protection or as a cover in extreme environments where serviceability is required.
1) withstand 500F/260C continuous exposure
2) Resistant to chemical corrosion, anti-oil-water (can be scrubbed).
3) High insulation, dielectric constant 3-3.2, breakdown voltage 20-50kv/mm.
4) Width:  25mm,  50mm,   75mm ,   100mm 


Silicon Rubber Selt-Adhesive Tape is a kind of good insulation adhesive tape.It can be adhered at object evenly after 4 hours under 180 and 24 hours under normal temperature.The Adhesive tape has 10% - 100% elongation.
The product has electrical appliance features such as heat resistance,cold resistance,weather,moisture,ozone and corona discharge resistance.
1).The insulation for cable ends
2).The insulation for H-type dry transformers
3).The insulation for vehicle motors
4).The insulation for electric product repairinf(H type)
5).The fixation for heaters
6).Urgency and emergency adhesive tape




Nylon Sleeve
Nylon Sleeve is braided by the high tenacity multi-filament nylon yarn which has excellent abrasion resistance, UV resistance, chemical resistance, and dust proof.
The tight woven construction can provide excellent abrasion resistance and high degree of burst resistance. It is widely used to protect hydraulic pipes, rubber hose ,plastic pipes, wire harness from damage, this kind of sleeve can also be used in industrial and construction fields where outstanding hose productions are needed.
This smooth nylon sleeve can be easily installed over hoses, chains or cables, and then secured with nylon cable ties or band-clamps. Itd be better to heat the cut edges of the sleeve. Velcro closure is available for undetachable hoses.
1) Working Temperature: -40F~257F (-40C~125C)
2) Size Range: 3/8"(10mm) - 6"(150mm)
3) Color: Black
4) Roll Length: 50m/roll

Fiberglass Knitted Sleeve
Fiberglass Knitted Sleeve is an economic thermal protection and insulation solution for less demanding situations. Made of texturized glass fiber yarns, the sleeve is lightweight, flexible and durable, exhibiting excellent dielectric strength and a low thermal conductivity. It is a completely asbestos-free and non-hazardous insulation sleeve. This fiberglass sleeve will not burn, and resists most acids, alkalis, bleaches and solvents in a wide range of applications including protecting industrial hoses, pipes and cables. Fiberglass Sleeve is less dense woven compared with the same sizes of the braided sleeve, but it can provide similar protection at a lower cost.
1) Working Temperature: 1020F (550C)
2) Size Range: 1/2"(13mm) - 6"(152mm)
3) Color: White
4) Roll Length: 50m/roll

Aluminium Coated Fiberglass Sleeve
Aluminium Foil Coated Fiberglass Sleeve is made of glass fiber and aluminium foil. It has outstanding reflectivity to the heat and ray. Protects from radiant heat by reflecting 90% of the heat that contacts its surface. The aluminum layers will not delaminate from the glassfiber, even under the most extreme heat conditions.Excellent rediant heat reflection provides good protections to the hoses,cables, wires and such kind of pipelines,which are working under high heat conditions, Low heat conductivity to keep the underlying pipelines cool.
1) Working Temperature: 500F~1020F (260C~550C)
2) Size Range: 3/16″(5mm) 2 1/2″(65mm)
3) With VCO Size Range: 9/16″(15mm) 4″(100mm)
4) Color: Silvery
5) Roll Length: 1 meter/piece


Silicone Coated Fiberglass Fabric
Silicone Coated Fiberglass Fabric (Coating on both sides) is designed to provide shielding for employees, as well as protection for equipment, hoses and other critical components, while reducing heat energy losses. Made of a woven fiberglass substrate with silicone rubber coating on both sides, this fire fabric delivers excellent protection against spark, high heat, occasional flame and molten metal splashes. Its widely used in the fabrication of insulation curtains & jackets. Besides standard roll, it can also be supplied with different lengths, sizes, shapes, upon request from customers.
1) Working Temperature:  500F (260C), peaks at 3000F (1650C)
2) Thickness:0.26mm 2mm
3) Width: 1000mm
4) Weight g/㎡:  600 , 860 , 1020
5) Color: Iron Oxide Red; Others: Blue, Black, Yellow, Grey
6) Roll Length: 50m/roll

Silica Fiber Fabric
Silica Fiber Fabric is a type of fireproof cloth made of pure silica fiber (SiO2 content 96%), is able to withstand extreme heat, occasional flam, and molten metal / glass splashes. This high silica fabric also exhibits excellent flexibility, high strength and stable chemical properties. Combined with other thermal materials, its usually made into thermal barriers to prevent surrounding equipment from overheating and significantly reduce energy losses in the process, such as welding / fire blanket, insulation jacket & sealing etc. It also can be treated with heat, impregnation or coating for lower shrinkage or higher abrasion resistance, etc. upon request from customers.use Hose Fabrication, Oil & Gas, Iron & Steel, Glass, Vehicles, etc.
1) Working Temperature:  1832F(1000C), peaks at 3000F (1650C)
2) Thickness:0.65mm ,1mm, 1.35mm
3) Width: 1000mm
4) Weight g/㎡:  680, 880 , 1150
5) Color: Beige
6) Roll Length: 50m/roll

Insulation Shields
Insulation Shields are tailor-made according to the working conditions and shapes of the pipeline or equipment. They are made of different asbestos-free materials to achieve the purposes of thermal insulation, oil resistance, noise insulation, abrasion resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, UV resistance, etc. in the low-and-high-temperature working environment, and widely used in industries like automotive, shipyard, metallurgy casting, glass, hydraulic fluid, petrochemical, engineering machinery, intelligent manufacturing, etc.
1) Turbo Blanket For Thermal Insulation: reducing turbo lag, cooler air intake temperatures, protecting and prolonging engine components, giving horsepower.
Working Temperature:   Exterior Surface:Direct Contact Limit: 600 Deg F / 316 Deg C ;    Radiant Heat Limit: 1100 Deg F / 593 Deg
Color:  black, blue, red, pink, yellow, gray, aluminum silver, titanium, purple
     c) Turbo blanket size: T1, T2, T25/T28, T3, T4, T3/T4, T6, Subaru, FIAT, K04, Porsche, BMW, DART, Genesis, FP30. Customer size is available.
2) High Temperature Heat Insulation Jacket For Thermal Insulation  material as glass fiber cloth, silicone cloth, ceramic fiber cloth, SS braided. Temperature resistance: -70℃ to 300℃; Thickness: 10-150MM
3) High Temperature Insulation Cover is made of high silica cloth, cotton insulation, silica gel cloth woven composite material, with excellent thermal insulating properties, can be customized according to customer demand.


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